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Takeda California

Takeda California, Inc. (TCAL) is Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limitedís innovative R&D center in San Diego. TCAL generates highly disease specific and patient tailored transformative new medicines aligned with Takedaís global market strategies in Gastrointestinal (GI), Central Nervous System (CNS)and Immunology. TCALís team of experienced scientists and clinicians deliver on the needs of patients by blending its internal capabilities, global Takeda resources, and expertise and technology from best-in-class external partners. TCAL has an agile, entrepreneurial biotech culture that emphasizes collaboration, both internally and externally, with strong engagement with the premiere biotechnology communities in San Diego and the Bay Area. TCAL strives to nurture employee development by providing a wide range of learning opportunities. Staff members are also highly engaged in community service, frequently organizing events in support of area schools, charitable foundations, and the environment.