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Takeda California

Center for Excellence in Structure-Based Drug Discovery

Takeda California (TCAL) leverages technical strength in structure-based drug design, biologics, and gene expression analysis to efficiently generate potential new medicines aligned with Takeda’s global market strategies. The Company is located in San Diego, a premiere biotechnology community full of collaboration opportunities and growth potential.

TCAL scientists invented Nesina, approved in multiple countries for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, and the staff has advanced multiple preclinical programs for the treatment of diabetes, obesity, cancer, and various immune and CNS disorders. The Company also hosts Takeda's proprietary bacTRAP technology, which provides a molecular atlas of gene expression with unprecedented cellular resolution to enable the discovery of new drug targets with selective mechanisms of action.

TCAL strives to nurture employee development by providing a wide range of learning opportunities. Staff members are also highly engaged in community service, frequently organizing events in support of area schools, charitable foundations, and the environment.